Phil Baab

"Recently I had cellulitis.  I let it go for a few days until my leg was very swollen, red and painful.  I emailed Priority Medical Partners on a Tuesday night and was seen by Dr. Kim Erdmann the next morning.  This is typical of them, you have direct and quick contact with the doctors.  After Dr. Kim Erdmann looked it over she had Dr. Brian Erdmann take a look too.  They both decided on the proper antibiotics.  Their concern was obvious.  Dr. Kim went above and beyond explaining to me how serious the situation was and even provided me with an emergency kit just in case it was a DVT; to be sure, they had me go to Aspirus for a Doppler to check for blood clots.  They spent an hour and a half with me and that visit cost me nothing.  I expected a huge bill and had my check book ready.  Dr. Brian came out and reminded me I pay a monthly fee (at the cost of a gym membership) and all my office visits are free.  They have a menu of prices for procedures on their website and they are fraction of the cost I've paid at other clinics.  I'm sure most clinics would not want her prices known out front.  Doctors Kim and Brian Erdmann will answer questions about anything you may be concerned with even if it's unrelated to the problem you went in there for.  Theirs is the most thorough and personal healthcare I've ever gotten.  Since then I saw Dr. Brian on a follow-up after hospitalization.  I was worried about my medications and he went over them and is helping me get 2 of them.  The care Drs. Erdmann provide his stress relieving and reassuring."    -  Phil Babb, Hazelhurst, WI

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