Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership Option

DPC closely resembles the doctor-patient relationship of years ago where patients received personalized care in an unhurried environment.  In this model patients receive comprehensive primary care services from their physician in return for a fixed, recurring monthly fee paid directly to their physician.  DPC occurs outside the insurance and government systems which allows for less paperwork and regulation, lower costs, and more direct time to be spent on the patient-doctor relationship. This option has the lowest administrative overhead of the three options provided by our practice allowing your physician to spend less time on administrative duties and more time caring for YOU.  

Direct Primary Care (DPC) gives you and your family direct access to a doctor you know and trust. It's better, more convenient, and less expensive primary care, without the complicated bureaucracy of health insurance. (Produced by Day's Edge Productions with animations by Root House Studio.)

Jay Kempton, Third Party Administrator and co-founder of the Free Market Medical Association, describes the benefits of Direct Primary Care.

Imagine having same day face to face access to your doctor for urgent or serious illness concerns.  For minor illness, imagine being treated from your home or while you are on vacation via a virtual visit.  Imagine healthcare with no red tape, no complicated codes, no pre-authorizations or denials. 100% price transparency. A simple system where more than 80% of your needs are cared for with an affordable monthly membership fee. No hassle, no wait for appointments, and unrushed visits.  A system which promotes the doctor-patient relationship by minimizing unnecessary paperwork allowing more time for your doctor to be your doctor. A “patient-centric” system that prioritizes the doctor-patient relationship, the way medicine “was” and is meant to be.

The DPC Membership option is best suited for:

1.   Self Funded Employers who desire lower cost high quality care for their employees
2. "In Network" commercially insured patients with moderate to high deductibles
3.  "Out of Network" commercially insured patients with moderate to high deductibles
4.  Patients who are members of a Healthcare Sharing Ministry, aka Ministerial Plan
5.  Uninsured

DPC Membership fee

*Age 6-17:   $15/month
 Age 18-29: $59/month
 Age 30-44: $69/month
 Age 45-64: $79/month
* Members under 18 years of age require participation of at least one parent or legal guardian.

Note: Patients enrolled in Medicare Part B cannot belong to Priority Medical Partners Direct, SC (PMPdirect) due to federal regulations. Please visit Direct pay FAQ section for more information.

services included in membership fee

1.  Free Office Visits - This refers to physician exam, evaluation and decision making.
2. Free Office Based Surgical Procedures - Member pays only for pathology analysis if a tissue sample is sent to lab for processing.
3.  Improved Access -  Typically Same or Next Business Day Appointment Availability
4.  Free Advice Outside of Office Visits - your care doesn't end when you leave the office.
5.  Virtual Visits - Phone or teleconference; for non serious conditions that can be managed without a face to face visit.
6.  Our Lowest "BEST" Pricing for Laboratory and Pathology Services (see BEST pricing below)
7.  Free Market Pricing from free market doctors and facilities - Our commitment, on the behalf of our DPC patients to continue to search for and secure "direct pay pricing" from free market doctors and facilities (specialist referrals, radiology services, etc.) to whom we refer our patients (See below)
8.  Adolescent Patient Services (Ages 12-17) - PMPdirect will provide services to adolescent age members for “walk-in-clinic” type services and physical wellness exams.  Typical walk-in services include, but are not limited to: coughs, colds, sinus infections, sore throats, abrasions, strains, sprains, simple fracture management, injuries, school athletic physicals, urinary tract infections, lacerations, skin lesions and rashes, asthma attacks, burns, heartburn, pink eye, ear infections, etc.)  PMPdirect physicians will, on a case by case basis, manage certain common chronic adolescent conditions (such as asthma, acid reflux disease, seasonal allergies, etc.) but will defer the management of complex medical conditions (such as seizures, developmental and behavioral disorders, significant congenital defects, etc.) to a pediatric specialist.
9.  Elementary School Age Patient Services (Ages 6-11) - PMPdirect will provide “walk-in-clinic” type services and sport physicals to elementary school age members.  Typical walk-in services include, but are not limited to: coughs, colds, sinus infections, sore throats, abrasions, strains, sprains, simple fracture management, injuries, school athletic physicals, urinary tract infections, lacerations, skin lesions and rashes, asthma attacks, burns, pink eye, ear infections, etc.) 

DPC Member office procedure FEES (lab and pathology fees may apply)

Free       **Incise and drain abscess
Free         Remove foreign body from skin
Free         Paring a callus
Free         Toenail Trimming
Free         **Skin "punch" biopsy
Free          Removing skin tags
Free          Removal ingrown toenail
Free         **Shave removal skin lesion (no sutures)
Free        **Excision of skin lesion (closure with sutures)
Free           Evacuation of blood beneath nail surface
Free           Laceration repair
Free          Destruction skin lesion with cryotherapy (warts, pre-cancerous skin lesions)
Free        **Aspiration of fluid from joint space or bursa
Free           Injection of joint space or bursa with steroid mixture (“cortisone”)
Free          Electrocardiogram
Free          Pulse Oximetry (blood oxygen level)  
Free          Casting/Splinting
Free          Nebulizer (Albuterol) Treatment
Free EKG
Free Ankle Brachial Index (screening for vascular disease in legs)

**will require lab/pathology review if tissue sent for analysis

DPC MEMBER "BEST" Pricing fees for Common lab tests

$5      BMP
$6      CMP
$4      CBC
$9      Hemoglobin A1C (HgA1C)
$12     Lipid Panel
$28    Lyme Disease Screen
$12      Hepatitis C Antibody Screen
$13     Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
$5      Renal (Kidney) Function Panel
$6      Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
$8      Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
$4      Uric Acid
$7      Urinalysis with Reflex to Culture
$10      Vitamin B12
$34     Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy (Vitamin D Level)
$15      Free T3
$8       Free T4
$28     Testosterone, Total
$17     Urine Microalbumin with Creatinine
$5       Rapid Strep
$13     Throat Cuture

Note: Some tests may require additional "reflex or confirmatory testing" which will lead to additional charges.  Practice will invoice patient for the fee associated with “reflex” testing as soon the practice becomes aware that a “reflex test” was performed.

Note: This list is not comprehensive.  PMPdirect members will receive BEST pricing on ALL labs drawn in our office. All procedure and lab fees are subject to change.

FREE MARKET DIRECT pAY procedure and Imaging Services (provided by outside facilities)

MRI with interpretation                                     $485 - $690       
Colonoscopy    $1500 (+$100/each biopsy)
Upper Endoscopy (EGD)                                  $1450
Endoscopic Ultrasound $1600
Capsule Endoscopy $2100
CT scans $330 - $630 (depends on body part and if contrast used)
Ultrasounds $150 - $300 (depends on body part)
Physical Therapy                                               $75 per 1/2 hr visit
Home Overnight Oximetry                               $39
Home Sleep Study                                            $282
Mammogram $170
Bone Density $150

Note: All free market direct pay pricing and fees are subject to change and are controlled by the outside facility providing the service. We do our best to keep this pricing as up to date as possible. This list is not comprehensive. If you are in need of a procedure or imaging study that is not listed, please ask our staff.

Practice Brochure - contains a concise summary of our healthcare services.  Please feel free to print, email, and/or send to family and friends who may be interested in our services.