• Having same day face to face access to your doctor for urgent or serious illness concerns.

  • Healthcare with no red tape, no copay, no complicated codes, no prior authorizations or denials.

  • 100% price transparency and knowing the cost of your visit before you have your visit.

  • Prices for primary care services considerably less than the prices charged at traditional insurance based clinics

  • A simple system where 80% of your medical needs are cared for with an affordable monthly membership fee.

  • No hassle, no wait for appointments, and unrushed visits.

  • A system which promotes the patient-doctor relationship by minimizing unnecessary paperwork allowing more time for your doctor to be your doctor.

  • A “patient-centric” system that prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship, the way medicine was years ago and is meant to be today.

Too good to be true?  No.  It is true. 

Welcome to Priority Medical Partners Direct, northern Wisconsin's first direct primary care clinic.

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